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Regional resource management under environmental and demographic change


Journal of Hydrology, 142, 47–69 (1993) DOI:10.1016/0022-1694(93)90004-S

A comprehensive surface-groundwater flow model

J.G. Arnold, P.M. Allen, G. Bernhardt

In this study, a simple groundwater flow and height model was added to an existing basin-scale surface water model. The linked model is: (1) watershed scale, allowing the basin to be subdivided; (2) designed to accept readily available inputs to allow general use over large regions; (3) continuous in time to allow simulation of land management, including such factors as climate and vegetation changes, pond and reservoir management, groundwater withdrawals, and stream and reservoir withdrawals. The model is described, and is validated on a 471 km2 watershed near Waco, Texas. This linked model should provide a comprehensive tool for water resource managers in development and planning.