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Regional resource management under environmental and demographic change


Ecological Modelling, 49, 7–29 (1989) DOI:10.1016/0304-3800(89)90041-0

Simulation modelling of the coastal waters pollution from agricultural watersheds

V. Krysanova, A. Meiner, J. Roosaare, A. Vasilyev

The purpose of this research was to assess nonpoint nutrient pollution on an agricultural watershed and its influence on the eutrophication process in a sea-bay ecosystem. The method of simulation modelling was used for reliable determination of nitrogen- and phosphorus-loss dynamics in time and space on the watershed and evaluation of the influence of excess nutrient flow on the sea-bay ecosystem. Discrete simulation was chosen as the level of approach for basin submodels to provide point-scale simulation of 501 areas of pollution. The model of the bay ecosystem was realized as four systems of ordinary differential equations. An analysis of scenarios allows us to range different measures leading to more effective management practices for the basin.